As the Founder and Chairman of Adana, Mr. Muhammed Meppoyil brings dynamic leadership and over 35 years of diverse experience to the forefront. With a remarkable background encompassing operations, finance, and entrepreneurship, he has played pivotal roles in various corporations, including his current position as Chairman of Almudabir Group of Companies. Additionally, he holds significant roles on boards, such as KIMS Hospital in Kerala.

Mr. Meppoyil's expertise is a cornerstone for Adana's success. His proven track record in corporate affairs, private sector operations, and financial management provides invaluable strategic direction. His multifaceted skills extend to leading large groups, fostering competitiveness in challenging markets, and navigating enterprise risks effectively.

As the driving force behind Adana, Mr. Meppoyil's active and all-encompassing approach reflects a profound commitment to sector growth. His seasoned leadership ensures Adana benefits from a visionary leader capable of steering the company towards continued success.