H.H Sheik Khaled Bin Mohamed Bin Salem Al Qasimi brings a wealth of expertise from a diverse background encompassing military, law enforcement, and academic achievements. His journey began with an exemplary military career in the United Kingdom, where he achieved the rank of Lieutenant. Subsequently, he joined the UAE Armed Forces Special Operations Group and concluded his military tenure with the Emiri Guard in Abu Dhabi.

After a transformative decade rising to Major at the Ras Al Khaimah Police General Command, Mr. Al Qasimi's honed skills ensure exceptional leadership in high-pressure situations.

With extensive training across various disciplines, both domestically and internationally, H.H. Al Qasimi's expertise significantly benefits Adana. As Patron, his leadership ensures Adana leverages his wealth of knowledge to enhance security measures and strategic planning reinforces the company's commitment to excellence and safety in the real estate industry.